Southern Mexico

Mexico is a country in North America, situated between the United States and Central America. Lara Croft visits a ruined city of the Maya civilization in the rainforest, in the state of Chiapas, searching for the entrance of the Xibalba. The level is featured in Tomb Raider: Underworld.

Crystal Dynamics based the Mexico level on the real life Maya city of Uxmal, located in the state of Yucatán.

Level Summary

The level begins with Lara on her motorbike, deep in a rainforest. The path splits in a few directions. Further in the level, Lara enters a Ball Court, which is revealed to be the entrance to the underworld Xibalba when she activates two Mayan Calendar Stones.

Racing her motorbike into the newly uncovered ruin, Lara finds herself deep underground in a cavernous chamber populated by Giant Spiders. The chamber is guarded by statues of the Lords of Xibalba. As the myth dictates, Lara enters treacherous trap-rooms and from within them, retrieves keys which unlock the way further down into the true Xibalba.

This is the first time Lara discovers the eitr. Thralls leap out of the eitr and continue to attack Lara. However, she drains a large pool of the substance and unveils an enormous statue of Thor, and inside him Lara obtains Thor's Belt.

The Belt gives power to the Gauntlets, and allows Lara to forge a pathway out of the underworld on her motorbike.


Motorbike This all-terrain hybrid-motorbike can be used throughout the level, and it is needed to cross certain large spike-pits safely.

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