Peru is a country located in the western coast of South America. It borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. The country itself has a complex geography usually divided in three main areas: coastline, mountain range, and rainforest. It's territory includes a portion of the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. The andes are known for being the cradle of the Inca Empire, the culture that ruled the land from 1438 to 1533.

Peru and Tomb Raider

Because of being the host of ancient pre-incan civilizations as well as the Inca Empire itself, it turns to be an ideal location for tomb raiding. The famous adventurer Lara Croft began her journey in the south-central perú in 1996. Her main objective was to retrieve a piece of the Scion, an ancient artifact that she and her father were looking before, but never found it. According to the information given by Natla, Vilcabamba had been hidden until then.

All four levels were recreated in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

The representation of these levels in these games are of the cold, snowy and mountain top Andes, where Vilcabamba lies. After climbing the mountain and finding a huge door that opens to a long cave leading to Vilcabamba, Lara has to search the city and a warm jungle valley (incongruous given the altitude and adverse weather conditions), where she finds living proof of dinosaurs, for the Tomb of Qualopec. Vilcabamba is in actuality located in a rainforest, not inside a mountain.

Peru in Tomb Raider: Legend

Peru is also visited by Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Legend in the fictional town of Paraiso and an old digsite in which Amanda Evert supposedly lost her life along with her colleagues at the hands of the Unknown Entity.

It is represented by Peru - Return to Paraiso.

Unlike the mountainous geography of both Tomb Raider and Anniversary, the Peruvian level of Legend is set in a harsh desert environment, most likely in the dry canyons between Ancash and Huánuco within the Andes mountain range.

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