London is the capital of the United Kingdom, and is located in south-east England, on the Thames river.

History of London

London was a site on the north bank of the river Thames in the Celtic period of Britain. After the Rome invasion in the first century CE it became the provincial capital of Britannia Superior. Although not much of the city's Roman past remains, various remnants have been found suggesting a large and prosperous trading city on the Thames.

After the Roman withdrawal in the fifth century, London became largely abandoned until the Saxons established the settlement of Lundenwic in the area now known as Covent Garden. Throughout the early medieval period it again grew in importance as a trading town and as a royal residence, and by the Tudor period was the capital and largest city of England.

London went from strength to strength in the centuries that followed, becoming the capital of the hugely industrialised and prosperous British Empire of the Victorian Era - and was for some time one of the fastest growing and largest cities in the world. By the turn of the twentieth century however, London's pace was slowing as the burden of the Empire made its presence felt on a large bureaucracy in the capital. Its lowest point came during the bombings and blitzes of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

London today is a huge, cosmopolitan city encompassing a vast area and about ten million people. Filled with history and architecture, as well as being the focus for international banking, fashion, art and culture, London is one of the most exciting cities on the globe.

Appearance in the Tomb Raider III

London is a city that Lara Croft has intimate knowledge of. Her most famous exploits within the city are the events during Tomb Raider III where she visits:

All these areas are located in the eastern part of the City of London, near St Paul's Cathedral.

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