Lara visits Tokyo, the capital of Japan to retrieve a sword fragment from Shogo Takamoto. She meets him at a corporate party that her friend, the media moghul Toru Nishimura, is hosting in a built up commercial district (possibly Ginza) in Tokyo. Japan is the third level of Tomb Raider: Legend.


Lara arrives at Nishimura's building and takes the lift up to the thirtieth floor. She is dressed in a black cocktail dress and a handbag that closely resembles the rucksack she has been using throughout the game. She ascertains from the bartender that Nishimura is in his office, and is allowed access.

Nishimura welcomes Lara but also warns her against dealing with the dangerous Takamoto. Shrugging of the warning, but remaining polite, Lara turns to go back to the main salon to meet the Yakuza Kumicho.

A confrontation with Takamoto ensues, but during a firefight with his henchmen Lara loses him. She can get onto the roof of Nishimura's building via an elevator. Here she will find a brand new Ducati superbike to cross to the next building. Travelling over wooden scaffolding and metal platforms, she will reach the lower roof garden of Takamoto's tower complex.

After an encounter with more Yakuza guards, Lara enters the complex from the roof garden. After another firefight in an office area, Lara scales the outside of the tower to Takamoto's penthouse.

Making her way through the lavishly decorated rooms and avoiding various traps, Lara eventually comes into a large circular hall with a glass domed roof. Takamoto is waiting for her, and after a confrontation in which he is killed, Lara leaves with a sword fragment in Nishimura's helicopter.


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