India is one of the largest countries on Earth and is the second largest in population with over 1.1 billion inhabitants at the time of writing. It occupies most of the area of the Indian sub-continent which it shares with Bangladesh, part of Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan.

Tomb Raider/Tomb Raider Anniversary

Lara is first seen in The Imperial Hotel in Calcutta (modern Kolkata) when Larson introduces her to Jacqueline Natla, to start the quest for the Atlantean Scion. Lara's reasons for being in India are unknown - but perhaps she was at that time attempting to find the Infada Stone as Kolkata is close to where she finds the artefact in Tomb Raider III.

Tomb Raider III

Lara visits India several years later in order to find the Infada Stone, presumably as a result of her own research. While there, she is employed by Dr. Willard to find the three other Meteorite Artefacts that are scattered around the globe.

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