Cairo is the capital and largest city in Egypt, with a population of 7.9 million and a history stretching back to the end of the first millenium. While it is not as ancient as other places that Lara has visited, it is still a fascinating location.

Lara visits an area known as 'Old Cairo' or 'Islamic Cairo' that constitutes various areas around the Citadel.


Cairo was found in 969 as a retreat for the Fatamid rulers of Egypt, as the real capital was the city of Fustat nearby. After Fustat was destroyed to prevent it falling into the hands of the crusaders, Cairo became the capital of Egypt.

It remained so throughout the centuries, throughout internal rebellion and foreign occupation by the Ottoman Turks between the 16th and 18th centuries. The city briefly became the centre of Napoleon's base of operations in North Africa at the turn of the 19th century. Later it became the capital of the resurgent Egyptian empire until 1882, when the British assumed control of the country.

When Egypt attained independence in 1922, Cairo remained it's capital. Today it is one of the financial, business and tourism capitals of Africa, as well as being the largest city on the continent.

Appearance in The Last Revelation

Cairo is the fourth 'set' of levels in The Last Revelation, consisting of various interlocking areas, which are;

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