Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent, overlying the South Pole. It is the planet's coldest, driest and windiest landmass and, as a result, is not permanently inhabited by humans. Neither is there any evidence of any prior civilisation. 98% of Antarctica is covered entirely by ice.


Tomb Raider III begins with an FMV sequence set in Antarctica. A huge meteorite is shown hurtling through space before impacting with the lush, green
Lara in Antarctica, with RX Explorer in background.
continent below, teeming with life as it would have been long ago. Swamps and forests are engulfed in flames and the local flora and fauna is devastated. Skipping forward to the present day, an RX-Tech research team, led by Dr. Willard, is mining on an island off the coast of Antarctica, when they come across a mysterious, unclassified substance, the grave of Englishman Paul Caulfield and evidence of an ancient Polynesian civilisation.

After collecting a number of artefacts originating from the meteorite's crater and subsequently scattered around the world, Lara meets with Willard at his research outpost in Antarctica. When he reveals his malicious plans, Lara resolves to chase him to the meteorite core, through the passageways and tunnels of the RX-Tech Mines and ancient Polynesian settlement, the Lost City Of Tinnos. After thwarting his plans, Lara returns to the surface of the ice and escapes in a stolen helicopter.

The level is presumably located on a fairly small offshore island of Antarctica. From the location on the loading screen for the Antarctic levels, it is given as between the Norwegian and Russia claims. However, Darwin could not have possibly visited this area in 1834, and so the real location of the island is more likely to be in the South Shetland Islands.

Antarctica Levels

Re/Visioned: Tomb Raider

Episodes 5 and 6 of the Tomb Raider: Re\Visioned Animated Series, entitled Angel Spit, were both set in Antarctica, and saw Lara hunting down a substance with incredible healing powers. However, Lara discovers that the substance is in fact the amniotic fluid of a species of giant insects, and makes her escape.

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