Andaman Sea

This is a short level in Tomb Raider: Underworld, where Lara Croft seeks out Jacqueline Natla on another of Amanda Evert's freighters, to discover the location of Helheim.

Level Summary

The level begins on the deck of the sister ship of the Megaera, called the Tisiphone, which also belongs to Amanda Evert.

In the midst of a raging storm, Lara uses Thor's Hammer Mjolnir as a weapon to blast her way through Amanda's mercenaries, sending them flying overboard.

Lara breaks through into the lower section of the freighter and confronts Natla. As Lara is about to fight Amanda, Lara's Doppelgänger picks Amanda up and throws her through a window, before running away. Natla manages to talk Lara out of killing her by suggesting she won't get into Helheim without Odin's Ritual, which she just happens to know. So Lara frees Natla and agrees to meet her at a set of coordinates in the Arctic Sea.

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