Alister Fletcher

Alister Fletcher is one of Lara's closest allies in Tomb Raider: Legend and returned in Tomb Raider: Underworld. Born August 27, 1974. He is Lara's research assistant and is described on the Tomb Raider: Legend website as providing another "mind filled with arcane historical information". He is also described as "tense and prickly" and as "taking himself too seriously". He is a 15th year Doctorate student at the University of Oxford in Italy. He hasn't received his dissertation yet because of his belief that everything is connected to everything else makes it impossible for him to draw the line between boundaries.

In Tomb Raider: Legend, he, along with Zip, communicate with Lara via her headset. He returns from Italy after having his dissertation rejected at the beginning of the game while Lara is in Bolivia. He sometimes gives advice concerning ancient civilizations. He and Zip are attacked by the Unknown Entity as Amanda Evert breaks into Lara's home while she is away in Ghana, looking for the Ghalali Key. He is confronted by Amanda at this time to reveal all he knows about the sword that Lara is looking for. He gives Lara advice when she enters King Arthur's tomb from a tech van along with Zip.

In Tomb Raider: Underworld he still works with Lara, communicating with her through her Laptop on her yacht in the first two levels. However, after Lara returns home to explore the passage under her grandfathers crypt, he is shot twice in the heart by Lara's doppelgänger while trying to escape the burning mansion, and later dies in Lara's arms whilst she is trying to save him. Lara then carries his body out of the mansion and lays him on the ground, where Winston checks his pulse and Lara and Zip grieve over his loss.

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