Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and one of it's most important centres of industry and trade - it is also the country's largest seaport handing 80% of international exports and imports. It currently has a population of around four million people. It makes an appearance in The Last Revelation.


The area that Lara explores is chiefly coastal Alexandria, and an older part of the city near the Pharos Peninsula. There is one major crossing area where most of the other levels link with each other. The levels are;

The level 'Alexandria' is very straightforward - part of a loading bay of a nearby rail freight depot connects to a small courtyard of houses near the coast. Exploring further down a street leads to the Coastal Ruins. The only areas of interest are Jean Yves's house and two other dwellings which can be entered.


Alexandria was founded in the fourth century BCE by Alexander the Great during his conquest of Egypt. It later became the most important city for the later Ptolemaic dynasty and was for a time the largest city in the world. It thrived on trade from the East that the Phoenecians had previously exploited.

With the annexation of Egypt by Rome in the late first century BCE, Alexandria lost some of its status but became vital as it was through the city that much of Rome's corn was shipped. It remained an important cultural and historic monument, and vied with other cities such as Antioch, Byzantium and Massilia for the position as the Roman empire's second city.

By the medieval period, the city had fallen into decline. It was no longer so vital for trade to the East, as Constantinople and later Venice came to hold that distinction. It wasn't until the Napoleonic period that the city really revived, as it was an important port for the French in their attempt to conquer North Africa. As European interest in Egypt's past grew, and the enlighted ruler Mohammed Ali carefully improved and renovated the city, Alexandria regained some of it's legendary past importance and beauty.

Today it is a cosmopolitan and resort town as well as Egypt's major port. It's milder Mediterranean climate makes it popular with tourists seeking escape from the dusty interior and baking Nile valley of the rest of Egypt.

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